Features of contextual advertising
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We are aimed at attracting only paying visitors who are ready to buy goods or a service here and now. We take a comprehensive approach to website promotion using effective internet marketing techniques

Exceptional white promotion

We carry out fine and competent adjustment of contextual advertising for Google.Adwords taking into account internal rules of search engines, which excludes the likelihood of the site getting banned


We develop an individual strategy for a specific company, we use all types contextual advertising, including remarketing, which helps to solve any problems related to increase in conversion and sales of the company


For us, the impossible does not exist, therefore, even under the most difficult conditions, we go to victory and we guarantee the first targeted actions after 2-3 hours from the launch of contextual advertising

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We carry out a comprehensive audit of a company, activity, competitors and select the most effective paid advertising with using catchy words that motivate target audience to action
An integrated approach
Our the goal is the result, therefore we take a comprehensive approach to solving business problems, selection of keywords, budget planning and organization of paid advertising for a specific region or USA as a whole
Continuous development business
We monitor and adjust positions on a daily basis contextual advertising, we provide recommendations on page optimization, which allows us to guarantee a stable increase in targeted visitors to the company's website
Fixed open budget
We conclude an agreement with clients and monitor it compliance. We control the client's budget and expenses by providing detailed report on advertising costs and effectiveness.
price FROM 100 $ | dates: 2-3 days

Contextual (paid) advertising - view promoting a resource on the Internet, which is developed with the aim of displaying text and image ads in popular search engines (Google) in the delivery of results to the user when they enter target phrases and thematic partner sites (context-media network). The principle and specificity of advertising in Google Adwords is that ads are shown to the user at the moment when he is determined to buy a product or service.

This is one of the budget ways to attract customers and increase turnover. The principle of advertising is that the advertiser pays for a click - a transition to site by the user from the page with search results. If the user intentionally clicks on the link several times - the click is considered invalid and is not counted system.

Our web studio offers comprehensive customization services contextual advertising. The complex of works includes audit and monitoring of the market, selection keywords, budget planning, organizing a PR campaign and more. We work on individual regions and USA as a whole and we guarantee instant results after launch advertising.

Tasks and types of contextual advertising on the Internet

Contextual ad the campaign solves 4 tasks:

  • Attracting thematic traffic to the site;
  • Wide audience coverage;
  • Organization of information support during events: conferences, promotions, seminars, etc .;
  • Promotion of products / services, instant sales increase.

Having picked up a competent strategy and settings paid advertising, this type of promotion solves any problems associated with attracting visitors, increase in conversion and revenue of the company.

Depending on the specifics of the business and the budget of the web studio client, we offer the following types (or their complex) of paid advertising:

  • Displaying text ads on the search page when the user types a request;
  • Placement of ads and graphic banners on thematic sites similar to thematic direction with the advertised product or service;
  • Targeted ads that appear in front of a specific group target audience, selected according to established factors: age, gender, interests, region etc .;
  • Remarketing - showing ads or banners to users who have visited website within 510 days.

Ads on Google attract interested users. Can change an advertising campaign, choose the time of its action, region, gender, age of the target traffic, connect ads to social networks and to partner sites of search robots. On exit you will increase the traffic of site visitors and increase sales by at least 15%. Advertising is displayed on the pages of popular search engines, including Rambler and Mail.ru, but the most effective (due to the large number of users) are considered Google.

Your benefits from contextual advertising on Google

Google Ads allows you to select the country or city in which find potential buyers, estimate the volume of demand by users using a metric, installed on the site, adjust advertising and influence the results of the conduct, as well as attract visitors to your site on the day you set up contextual advertising.

Ads in Google Adwords are relevant. The ability to enable targeting allows you to "remove" users who do not match the criteria a certain group. As a result, you will be able to save your budget by paying only for clicks from users who are really ready to buy a product or service.

By ordering contextual advertising in Google in the web studio "Yakloft Design ", you get:

  • Instant result - first visitors 2-3 hours after the launch of the advertisement;
  • Optimal ratio of efficiency and cost;
  • Fast return on investment in contextual advertising setup.

Effective customization and management of contextual advertising

We will quickly and professionally create and customize the contextual advertising for your website. To do this, we will study the field of activity and evaluate the usability of the site, we will competently select the requests for which visitors will find the site, create an ad for selling technique using catchy words. We will also perform an additional optimization that reduces cost per click by 25-30% using:

  • Analysis of statistics through special services;
  • Remove ineffective queries;
  • Budget optimization;
  • A / B testing ads;
  • Semantics extensions.

We track and adjust the necessary positions daily, we provide recommendations for optimizing landing pages for the convenience of ordering, we are guided only for effective keywords. We analyze the effectiveness of contextual advertising campaigns by day and time of day, target audience by gender, age and interests, by device (stationary, mobile and tablet), as well as monitoring all sources, PR campaigns and competitor ads.

Principles of pricing for contextual advertising in USA

The cost of contextual advertising campaign in NY and USA depends on a multitude of dynamically changing external factors, so it is impossible to say the exact amount of advertising costs. Approximate price can be calculated using the services offered by Google Adwords. To do this, indicate keywords, the region in which the advertisement will be launched, and the heading is determined. Services automatically form the competitive cost per click, which determines the cost of advertising for a certain period of time. Also, the price is influenced by competition within the topic. (the larger it is, the more expensive the cost per click) and the chosen promotion strategy.

Web Studio Yakloft Design will create and will customize effective paid ads based on your budget. Contact us and get professional assistance in website promotion and promotion traffic, conversions and profits.