Types of texts that we will write for you


We write professional texts on any topic. Before writing, we dive into the topic we collect valuable information from other sources and create informative and easy to read articles with uniqueness of 95 +%

SEO texts

Unique texts for internal website optimization with optimal frequency of occurrence of key words to effectively promote your site. We will write an interesting text on technical search engine requirements

Selling texts

We will write a text on the AIDA selling strategy in order to maximize the benefits of disclosing the benefits company, brand, product or service and motivate potential customers to fulfill the target action


Let's rewrite any text that you like in another source in the language of your target audience, we will uniqueize and sharpen it for the goals you need, keeping the main meaning topics

Defining goals client
We define the goal that the text should achieve, in depending on your type of activity. We take into account the client's requirements and we draw up a detailed technical task
Targeting audience
We write interesting texts in human language, which will be interesting for the target audience of your site and contain answers to her questions
Collection of relevant information
We collect relevant information from verified sources, analyze the subject matter and present fresh facts without unnecessary water and spam
High uniqueness text
We write texts with 95-100% uniqueness, which qualitatively ranked by search robots and increases efficiency promoting your website on the Internet
price FROM 5 $.| terms from 1 day

Authorship articles that are written by a professional are positive affect the promotion of the resource on the Internet and the output of the site to the TOP positions of the search results. Writing articles is beneficial to the visitor, because it is interesting and competent an article, news or useful advice will keep the visitor coming back to the site.

Article writing has two functions: informational and practical. The text reveals the advantages of goods or services, the specifics of the company, leadership quality, attracts the client with "clues". Articles guarantee website promotion on the Internet. They popularize the resource and motivate the visitor to take action. Author's articles written by copywriter-professional, effectively perform these two functions. Writing articles on the order is divided into 4 groups:

  1. Scientific and informational articles - descriptions and publications for thematic and information sites;
  2. Selling, storytelling - texts written for resources that sell goods and services;
  3. SEO-optimized - text that promotes the resource in positions search results;
  4. Blogging - periodic writing of articles, tips, recommendations and other information that benefits the visitor.

The type of article depends on the purpose of the site. Popular among writing articles to order are SEO-texts. SEO articles - part of optimized content, unique formulations of words, the task of which is to promote the resource on the Internet.

Rewrite articles

5 $ for 1000 characters

White papers, copywriting

5 $ for 1000 characters

SEO Articles Writing

5 $ for 1000 characters

Selling copywriting

5 $ for 1000 characters

Search queries for 1 article

from 5 $

Tasks performed by the article writing service

Написание текстов для сайта лучшими копирайтерами

A professional copywriter works for the result, his goal - write a text that will reveal the essence of the site and have a positive effect on it conversion. For this, the tasks of a specific text are determined. There are 3 of them:

  1. Convey useful information to potential customers. The article writing service is aimed at to transfer key information that the consumer needs. In this case, the article discloses the advantages of a company, product or service, their specifics, discloses the necessity of the purchase and indicates the benefits that the customer will receive after the purchase the described object;
  2. Convince the consumer of the need to purchase a service / product. Most of the companies competing with each other, selling similar goods or services. Text, professionally written by a copywriter, subtly and skillfully convinces the visitor to purchase thing in your company, revealing its advantages and benefits of cooperation;
  3. Entertain the site visitor. Not all sites are created with the intention of selling or offering. Some projects are entertainment or informational in nature. Such sites are required contain articles set out on the topic, but having an accessible, interesting and easy style writing.

Professional copywriting means knowing your needs client and target audience, understanding the principles of resource promotion and sales on the Internet. Competently presented information interests and attracts customers, it is a type of advertising. Consequently, article writing services involve activities that can handle with the task.

The workflow is simple. The consumer enters a search engine, writes a request for a product or service of interest. The search engine generates results from links to sites, including your resource, which is promoted by seo articles. Reading information written on the site, the visitor is interested in the product, as benefits or benefits of a service that your company offers.

As a result, the visitor is converted to buyer - performs the action required by you. SEO Texts - Effective a tool for promotion and promotion. Depending on the tasks set by the customer, the information written on the site performs many functions. But revealing the benefits company, goods or services is the main one.

Stages of writing seo articles

Articles are written by a copywriter, but work on preparation is performed by a SEO optimizer - a professional who makes a list relevant words of low, medium and high frequency, based on which the list is created from words or phrases that are relevant and in demand for optimization. A selection of semantics helps the copywriter to prioritize, take into account key phrases in the text by frequency, arrange them correctly in the heading and subheadings.

When the semantic core is ready and passed to the copywriter, a plan for writing articles for the site is drawn up, which includes:

  • Study the topic for writing an article, search for information on the Internet;
  • Planning the content of the text;
  • Article writing;
  • Check for grammatical and punctuation errors;
  • Checking the article for compliance with the terms of reference;
  • Checking for uniqueness using special programs and delivery of work.

Creating unique texts is a technique, creativity and experience. A professional copywriter is able to write high-quality text for any topic , adhering to the terms of reference and the basics of SEO promotion. As a result the tasks assigned to the site are being performed - visitors are interested in the company or goods and become buyers.

4 reasons to order articles in the web studio "Yakloft Design"

Thousands of freelancers offer copywriting and writing services articles, but 98% of them do not write optimized text. Therefore, for services to create advertising, selling, informational and seo articles, we recommend contacting our web studio at NY. The reason for this is:

  • The work of a group of copywriters capable of writing information on any topic, application different writing styles;
  • Employee experience. Each "Yakloft Design" copywriter wrote 2,000,000+ characters - 1000+ texts;
  • We value our reputation, so the goal of our employees is to achieve efficiency and results;
  • Submission of articles on time, any number of corrections depending on customer wishes.

Ordering the writing of articles in "Yakloft Design" in NY, you get the following benefits:

  • Unique and interesting text that is written in human language, which is beneficial affects the reputation and recognition of the company;
  • Text that meets the requirements of search engines through careful analysis, assessment of positioning and audit of a business, its relevance, relevance and level competition on the Internet;
  • An individual approach to presenting information, improving the quality of goods due to careful study of its features; presentation of information in an accessible and understandable way form.

Cost of services, article prices to order in NY

Prices for article writing services depend on a number of factors: complexity of subject matter, type of text and style of presentation, time frame and volume. The cost set to for one thousand characters without spaces . If ordered copyright, then the price is low, but depends on the number of keywords that the author need to be inserted into the text. Prices for writing advertising and selling articles are higher - such texts are written concisely and concisely, but aim to motivate and hook the reader. The price depends on specifics and types of goods or services and the competitive advantages of the company.

We do not recommend saving on copywriting, because non-professional texts will not bring results, therefore even a small cost, paid for services will be wasted. By ordering the writing of texts for sites at a price from 70 UAH in the web studio "Yakloft Design", you will succeed:

  • Benefit from a web resource;
  • Fill the site with selling and advertising articles;
  • Bring your site to the top of popular search engines;
  • Fill the resource with useful, readable, informative texts;
  • Increase income and increase site traffic;
  • Save on the cost of contextual advertising in search engines.

Order seo copywriting in the "Yakloft Design" web studio - means to be confident in compliance with the requirements and rules set by search engines, get the opportunity to competently show the merits of the company, goods or services, arrange visitors and leave a good impression of themselves. SEO articles from "Yakloft Design" is a smart business solution.

Professional texts for the site from 70 UAH

Web studio "Yakloft Design" in NY provides services rewriting and copywriting, the creation of scientific, information and news, advertising and selling materials. In the web studio, you can order the writing of an article according to your personal requirements. IN the range of services includes:

  • Creation of marketing text using selling formulas for service presentation, product or company;
  • SEO, elite quality LSI copywriting with the inclusion of relevant keywords and queries with full compliance with the latest requirements of Yandex and Google;
  • Selling texts for the landing page, written according to the selling formulas: KISS, AIDA, ODC and others;
  • Content marketing - preparation and placement of text information, selection current distribution methods;
  • Professional rewriting with the author's style of writing.

Copywriters of the web studio in NY write copyright articles, neither what circumstances do not copy information posted on competing websites, creating universal content that is quoted in search engines. The materials we create are different quality and interesting presentation, regardless of the subject of the article and have a uniqueness no less 95%.

Every informational, advertising or SEO text is not written in based on common articles - before starting work, the topic is studied in detail, and only after that the text is written. We focus on literacy, following the rules of Russian language and consider professional, grammatically and punctuation correct texts as a tribute respect for your client.

Cooperating with our web studio in NY, you get texts and articles targeted at readers and crawlers. Each section of your web resource will be filled with competent and relevant information that leads the reader to action, inspires confidence in the company and products and demonstrates benefits, advantages, novelties, events etc.

Each article that is written by copywriters of the web studio, includes actual key occurrences of various frequencies that we select on our own or use the semantics that you have chosen yourself. We are convinced that every written article posted on a web resource should bring benefits, therefore we apply experience and knowledge to achieve efficiency and objectives.

3 Steps to Content Marketing Success with Website Text, which we use

For content to be effective, marketers, designers, SEO optimizers and copywriters think over a strategy that is aimed at choosing one or multiple distribution channels, we perform marketing analysis and develop a concept site depending on the purpose and needs of the target audience.

We create the correct content to meet the new requirements SEO promotion and search engines, but, above all, interesting to site visitors and clients companies. With the help of writing articles to order, we form the advantages of the brand, increasing it recognition and solidity. As a result, we create branded content that works for you.

We distribute content on top and popular web resources, which are more often visited by your target audience, we use thematic sites and social networks. If your content strategy involves e-mail newsletter, we organize it.

We control the profitability of the content and the formed strategy, analyze the causes of failures and make changes to improve work. For professional content is the future of internet marketing , so we are working on it improvement, introducing new technological, psychological and marketing chips. Contact "Yakloft Design" in NY if you are looking for professional performers who are tight deadlines will create effective content with professional articles.


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