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Development of a super-powerful sales tool based on knowledge in digital marketing production using fresh web technologies and IT solutions. We perform A / B tests and choose an effective combination of elements for the target audience.

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Each project is unique, therefore, each development of a one-page website implies exploring a niche for superiority over competitors. This approach helps to create mega-modern landing pages and achieve 35% conversion rates.

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Structured processes and 5 years of experience in web development make our work error-free and in 90% of cases we deliver the website ahead of schedule.

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For a conversion of 35%, we use multi-landing, we constantly conduct A / B testing, we optimize an advertising campaign, change texts and calls to action.

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We study the concept of business, study the target audience and its needs, monitoring competitors and working out an effective strategy one page.
Development of

We use advanced web technologies in our work HTML5, CSS3, Parallax, jQuery and animation, making each the page created by the studio gets the desired profitability and aesthetic appearance.
layout and

We develop a website based on advanced trends. Thanks to a 90 out of 100 download from Google Test Speed and a competent interface of the selling page, we achieve a good conversion.
effective advertising
Configuring advertising campaign in 2 days, we are looking for and testing the most conversion and profitable sources of attracting targeted traffic and we work every day over increasing conversions.
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Loading speed
website optimization
modern design
work on the basis of cms
price FROM 2500 USD | dates: 3-5 weeks
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Создание одностраничного сайта с высокой конверсиейOne page website is a separate page with a moderate amount of info content, the goal is which to interest, retain a potential client and induce him to action. Such the website is being developed for a PR campaign aimed at an urgent sale or offer product or service.

Single page sites are not overloaded graphics , do not have banners, an overabundance of interactivity, they act on human instincts, awakening their desire to take action here and now.

The main task of one-page pages is & ndash; collect as much as possible more leads (visitors who become customers). Creation of one-page sites in NY focuses on the sales and profitability of the business they advertise.

Top 5 benefits of single page sites

To advertise specific products in promotion company web pages, the creation of one-page sites has several advantages:

  • Focusing on one product or service that generates interest in one-page website visitor;
  • Simple usability, accessible perception of information;
  • Technical availability, ease of management using a CMS, changing content in the right time;
  • Expanding the client base while the landing page is functioning;
  • Convenience in collecting statistics of actions by clients.

One page sites differ from classic web resources in that they are aimed at maximum conversion of visitors into regular customers. Therefore, when developing landing page importance is given to marketing research: exploring the benefits product, defining the target audience, identifying factors that affect the adoption decisions to act, developing a sales strategy, etc.

The second criterion for creating a landing page is design. It is designed like this a way for the visitor to focus on a unique selling proposition, and unnecessary the elements did not distract him.

5 factors that determine whether to create one page website

Recommended order the creation of a one-page website, if:

  1. The business has "stagnated", sales have decreased, the flow of customers has decreased;
  2. You want to focus on one of the products or services;
  3. A product is introduced to the market that is not represented in the country;
  4. Advertising an existing website does not work;
  5. I want to increase my profit from online sales.

Creating a one page website is cumulative a set of measures. The success of the website is determined by the percentage of conversion - this is it talks about the rationality of the website. Conversion should be expected only if it was carried out analysis of the market and competitors, business, online inquiries and seasonality, target audience; the correct structure and concept was created, and competent calls to action were written and texts.

How We Achieve Up To 35% Conversion In Development one page

Profitability landing page achieved through the competent formulation of an exceptional trade and advertising proposals, presentation of the advantages of products and services, memorable and concise design and call to action (purchase, download, form filling, etc.).

When creating a one-page website, employees digital-studio Yakloft Design in NY & nbsp; think over and work through each stage, draw up a detailed technical assignment, analyze the business, which helps to create an attractive layout that suits the needs of the target audience. We create selling design prototypes without templates, we individually approach to the wishes of the client and take into account the specifics of his business.

Our work on is based on conversion rates and ROI , we control analytics results, conduct A / B tests and find tools to increase conversion, customers and reduce website advertising costs. The advantage of "Yakloft Design" is a competent setting of contextual advertising. We know and We introduce chips that are not used by 97% of studios in NY and USA. It helps us attract a stream of customers to a one-page website at a minimal cost.

Order a one-page website at a low price in NY

The cost of developing a one-page website is related to the volume works performed by web studio employees, especially niche, business and personal customer wishes. 60% of the amount is the complexity of creation: the number of modules, design project, as well as the cost of the platform on which the one-page is hosted.

We are ready to offer web studio clients development options one-page website to choose from, among which you will be able to find a profitable one. Connect with us, get specialized assistance and order a selling basis for a stable flow of sales and customers.

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