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Often a one-page, high-conversion selling resource

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An interactive website is designed to advertise and sell goods with maximum process automation

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Often a small website with no technical limitations, presenting services or goods

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The selling resource is aimed at effectively getting customers from contextual advertising

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Your business is individual, therefore the cost of the website, which is made for him, is calculated on a personal basis, based on a number of different criteria. Prices for website development depend on the colossal amount parameters and conditions. In advance, the web studio is able to indicate the minimum cost, which varies and is adjusted depending on the complexity of the web resource and other factors.

All websites are divided into groups, each of which has a price orientation. In order to understand which group will be a profitable option for business client, it is necessary to conduct a marketing analysis of the business, which includes an audit competitors, market, business exclusivity, etc.

The cost of websites depends on the goal that is set for them. If you are new to the internet business and your goal is to inform potential customers about the existence of the company, then start with web business cards , which is much cheaper than Company website - resource for large and well-established firms. If the purpose of the resource is to sell goods and services in large assortment, you need complex and flexible functionality that can properly interact with the consumer. The cost of creation depends on the number of modules, the complexity of the design and functionality.

Factors on which the price of website development depends

There are no clear prices for the website creation stages exists, we can only talk about the range of prices for different types of projects. However, determined factors that directly affect the development of a web page:

  • The degree of preparedness of the studio's customers (is there an idea, design presentation and functional, detailed technical specifications, and readiness to accept participation in the creation and discussion of the project) .;
  • Design complexity - the number of individually drawn pages and logical blocks, number of collages and creating graphics from scratch;
  • Availability of additional modules (discussion page, news feed, language panel, blog, etc.);
  • Complexity of functionality (implementation of payment systems, interactions between users, personal accounts, etc.);
  • The level of organization and exactingness of the client.

The cost of creating a turnkey website will increase due to the order additional services that affect the quality of the website, the recognition of the company and its profit. The main recommended services include promotion (promotion) and resource support .

Price of website development with promotion and support services

Business Website

from 1500 $

Company Website

from 1800 $

ONLINE SHOP standard

from 3500 $

Individual online store

from 5000 $

Landing Page

from 700 $


from 5000 $


from 5000 $


from 3500 $

SEO copywriting

10 $ / 1000 simples

Setting up contextual advertising

300 $

SEO Promotion

from 500 $

All prices are in the "from" format.

Price for website creation in Yakloft Design Without promoting the project creation is useless. A set of measures aimed at promotion, bring the web resource to the TOP search queries, which increases the flow of new customers and the profitability of the business. Promotion website is completed within 2-3 months, the cost of the service depends on the method of advertising campaigns, it can be contextual advertising, SEO-promotion, promotion in social networks, etc. The plan of PR campaigns is developed for the website individually, which determines the total price of it manufacturing.

The scale of the advertising campaign affects the cost of the website. Promotion resource throughout USA will cost more than locally, for a specific city or region. The theme of the website determines the level of the competitive environment . If the website offers highly competitive goods or services that are sold by dozens of competing companies, then promotion costs will be higher. Sale of household and digital appliances, plastic windows, cosmetics, automobiles, insurance, banking and travel services - topics due which the price of promoting and taking the website to the top is significant. In this case, more budgetary contextual advertising will cost, but only for a short period of time.

The frequency of keywords also affects the cost. Optimization resource for generated requests with different frequency of occurrence has its pros and cons. Low-frequency requests require more intensive promotion, hence the work of the group employees will be more expensive, but such SEO optimization hits right on target - a potential buyer with a probability of 9 out of 10 will see the website offer exactly his expectations.

Maintaining a web resource is a separate cost customers and is responsible for the quality of the page. With her help the resource contains relevant information, photos and videos, news, articles in blogs and forums that positively affects the company's image. Technical support ensures stability and functioning of the project, protection from hacking and prompt elimination of problems.

The customer independently chooses additional services, since only for him to decide on the profitability of the resource after its delivery. It depends on this cost of the website.

A competitive website doesn't come cheap. website profit depends on the correctness and professionalism of the ideologies inherent in the creation of the project. Quality, literacy, knowledge and compliance with the requirements of web technologies and search engines are pricing links, from which the price of the project is formed. The more the company will invest in the creation of the website, the higher its return in the future.

What functionality is included in the minimum price of the website from "Yakloft Design "

When contacting our company, the manager announces the minimum the price of creating a website in NY and USA. The announced price automatically includes:

  • Feedback form;
  • The number of pages of the resource without restrictions (except for the one-page page);
  • Slider and photo gallery modules;
  • website search window, visit statistics;
  • Directions, online consultant;
  • Implementation of social networks, mailbox and feedback block.

Quality of functionality is paramount in making a web project. Having decided to order the creation of a turnkey website in Yakloft Design, we we guarantee the highest quality and implementation of the latest computer and marketing technologies, which affect the increase in the performance of the resource.

Why such a difference in the cost of creating a website in NY?

Website development prices vary widely. IN capital, you can buy a website from 500-800 $. Such a resource is created according to a template that used repeatedly. As a result, the project loses originality and customer confidence.

Often such web projects are not purchased, but provided in rent, in the end:

  • Unable to access the server where the website is physically located;
  • It is impossible to transfer the resource to another hosting and work on revision;
  • Renewal of hosting lease - 2-3 times more expensive.

Customers who ordered cheap web resource, get:

  1. Instability in the hosting and the whole project;
  2. Errors and bugs in the project functionality;
  3. Incompetent developer support;
  4. Losing existing clients, stopping sales, going into negative profit.

Whether to save on the price of the website and order unprofitable the web page is the personal choice of each customer. Remember, a lucrative resource that works for business, increasing traffic and sales, not cheap.

Prices for website development in NY vary from several hundred to tens of thousands of $s. The price speaks of the quality inherent in the work. Individual design , which is created for customers and carries individuality, is not cheap. The understated price in this case indicates unprofitable and unprofessional result. Each businessman decides for himself how much invest in business development and website creation. However, if you want to receive income, attract targeted traffic, develop your company, making it a favorite, we recommend not to save money and order website development in "Yakloft Design".

By contacting us, you get professional quality on production of elite design, programming, optimization, copywriting, promotion and branding. Once you invest in a professional website, you will be able to pay off in 3-6 months, making a good profit on the resource.