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I am incredibly grateful to the guys from the Yakloft web-studio, for a branded and prestigious website for me. The company approached the creation of the website with special enthusiasm, in the end I got what I wanted. Now a fan will be pleased to watch my work, watch my performances and my new concerts!


ABOUT YAKLOFT web-studio

Since 2012, we have launched more than 300 websites, invented and implemented exclusive solutions for projects of varying complexity: from stunning landing pages to multifunctional online stores.

Web design studio in 98% of their practice achieved their goals within 2 months after the launch of the project.


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In an era when most Ukrainians are looking for products, goods and services using the Internet, it is in your power to ensure that your company becomes a leader among competitors and receives a steady daily flow of new customers. For this purpose, the web-studio Yakloft Design has been operating in NY for more than 5 years. Our digital agency offers website development in New York in the USA, which includes a full range of services: website development, promotion and optimization, advertising, redesign, marketing, copywriting, support, maintenance and other works that help create a turnkey website from scratch, launch it and promote it to the TOP of search results for development of the company and the receipt of profit by the client.

Our main goal of our web-studio to build a concept based on the company's advantages, to be sensitive to changes in the market, niche and trends, to change and adjust the strategy in a timely manner so that the website confidently maintains its position in the top ten of search results, is user-friendly and meets modern trends in website building. Each custom-made website developed by our studio is a combination of modern automated technologies and systems with high loading speed and simple management and administration. We take a comprehensive approach to creating a website. The work is attended by marketers, professional designers, programmers, layout designers, copywriters. As a result, our customers receive a tool that allows their business to grow and develop.

Types of websites:

First of all, the website must be user-friendly and efficient. For this we:

  • We develop a detailed technical specification indicating the technical nuances that a website should have, and adhere to it at all stages of website development;
  • We connect a convenient and intuitive content management system: CMS Joomla, CMS MODX;
  • We use modern technologies: HTML5, JS, CCS3, Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, Ruby;
  • We focus on the target audience, taking into account the wishes of the customer;

A correct and effective website it's not just beautiful design. It is a business tool, a commercial component of your activity, the task of which is multiply profits. Such a project should masterfully combine a pleasant visual, a full set of functions for ease of use, and good usability. Do you want to order the creation of a selling website? Entrust it to our web development studio in NY. We are interested in your success, focused on the result, so we are ready to develop a win-win project. Yakloft Design will become your partner and, based on its experience, will select the optimal solution for your business.

Quick navigation through the article:

  1. Before starting work
  2. Contractor selection
  3. Development process
  4. website types
  5. Choosing a website for your business
  6. Terms of creation
  7. The cost
  8. Choosing a CMS system

Development and creation of websites in NY and USA

By contacting the Yakloft Design digital studio in NY, you get high-quality services for creating a custom-made website: concept development, interface design, UI design creation. Professional website production in NY and USA is waiting for you. Proof of the success of our activity is the fact that the web-studio Yakloft Design is among the twenty best Internet developers in USA. We managed to get the honorary status due to:

  • A flexible approach to choosing a solution, high-quality implementation and excellent service, which led to positive reviews from all customers;
  • A complex of services for the development of a website of any complexity. We create premium-level projects: both simple one-page business cards and multifunctional Company websites with individual functionality created for the company's website;
  • Service package offers. We create websites of any kind, we make a website to order from scratch, we do not use ready-made standard solutions, we are engaged in the promotion and promotion of projects, providing the customer with an endless stream of customers;
  • Use of modern technical tools;
  • Value for money. We work at an adequate cost of creating a website, we offer a tight deadline 20-30 days.

Website development process to order

We do not stop there, we create and implement new ideas based on trends, as well as analysis of the behavior of website visitors. We control all processes, offer technical and informational support to make it easier for the customer to manage the project and do his business, making a profit from the web resource.

Our web development studio works under an official contract, which is concluded with the customer at the first stage of cooperation. The contract includes an indication of the price and terms of creating the website, as well as clauses of responsibility and obligations of both parties. The document is signed by the client and the contractor and is official. To avoid conflict situations, we adhere to the requirements specified in the contract.

We care about our reputation and value it. Therefore, always on the side of the customer. An exception to this is feature, design, and usability guidelines that can help improve the performance of your website. That is why we position ourselves as a team of experts and professionals who will help in the development of your online business, increasing the company's revenues several times.

What you need to understand before creating a website

At the stage of getting to know the customer, we have a number of questions to which we expect complete and understandable answers from customers. Therefore, before starting to create a website, we provide the client with a brief. This is a kind of questionnaire that will help us understand the specifics of the customer's business, the benefits of the company. We must form and understand the task, the goals of the future website, in order to see what the customer wants to get in the end. The more information you provide, the more the finished project will correspond to the one you imagined before ordering it.

If this is your first time ordering a website development in New York, it is recommended to prepare in advance and determine the important factors that are fundamental for the future resource. These include:

  • Target audience who is she;
  • UTP;
  • Benefits and accents.

What you need to know before designing a website in web-studioThe most important factor for creating a website is the target audience of your company. It is the clients who bring profit, therefore, it is necessary to develop the website with the maximum convenience for them. The target audience dictates its own rules for the design and functionality of the website. It's not enough that only you like the website. If he repels the visitor with even the slightest mistake, you will lose him. How is the target audience determined? To do this, there are a number of processes included in marketing research. A group of clients is determined by gender, age, desires and needs. The fears and fears of the target audience are taken into account in order to suppress them and put the company in the right light.

What is USP? USP is a unique selling proposition. What a visitor sees first when visiting your website. Regardless of the type of website, a USP should be. It is a reference point for the customer. Therefore, it is necessary to think over an interesting, attractive and memorable offer that can motivate the visitor to further actions. When forming a USP, you should focus on the target audience, understand what she wants to see and receive as a result of cooperation with you. It also needs to incorporate the company's key advantage. This can be price, delivery time,

It is equally important to understand what tasks your website should perform, be able to highlight accents and identify your advantages. Most often, specialists from our web design studio in New York help in this matter, but you, as a customer, should think about this in advance. Decide on what services you need to focus on in the first place, what will be more profitable for your business. This will save time for studying your activities in this matter and simplify our work.

What you need to consider when choosing a contractor for website development

The most important factor in the quality of a website is the professionalism, capabilities and experience of the performer. Everything depends on it, literally: the timing of the website creation, the tools used, the loading speed, the reach of the target audience, the quality of the presentation of goods and services, the convenience and functionality of the project. Therefore, before choosing a web studio to create an Internet website, analyze the following factors:

Company portfolio

The volume and variety of the portfolio is the "title page" of the artist. It must have at least 15 finished works so that you can understand the developer's capabilities. It is desirable that the websites be made of different types, have different designs, functionality with any complexity, and on the page with examples of works there are active links to them. Among the portfolio, you can choose the design you like and order a similar one, be inspired by examples and understand for yourself whether this developer is right for you. Each web-studio's website should have a portfolio. If not, it will raise doubts about the company's experience.

Reviews about web-studio

It will not be superfluous to read reviews about the web-studio on the Internet. Often, developers post real reviews of the companies they have worked with on their website. But for reliability, it is better to visit thematic regional forums and read reviews from users. If the web-studio is large, then it will definitely be mentioned.

Company experience

It is logical that you should not rely on a young beginner web development studio if you plan to order the creation of a website for a business. Therefore, pay attention to experienced development studios in New York and USA. In this area, the category of "experienced" can be attributed to companies that have been working in IT for 5 years or more. During this time, the developers are able to produce over 200 works, which is evidence of their capabilities and reputation.

Understanding of the tasks and wishes

An important factor is also how quickly the project manager at the first meetings delves into the essence of the problem and tunes in with you to `` the same wavelength. '' Professionals with rich experience behind them pick up the idea on the fly, understand the customer at a glance and offer what you really like. If the manager does not understand what is required of him, cannot formulate an idea or does not understand what you are talking about, for sure, you are dealing with newcomers.

Quality of communication with the customer

Stop your choice of a website development company on the one where customers are treated with care and respect. You can feel it already when you first contact the New York development studio. If you are rude or say that they will call you back and do not do it, most likely, further cooperation will not work out.

Legal registration of web-studio

Be sure to check if the company is legally incorporated. So you minimize all kinds of risks and provide yourself with a guarantee that you can discuss any conflict issues in court. Do not trust your work and your money to one-day firms.

Website development process in the Yakloft Design web-studio

website creation process this is a painstaking work of each member of the development team. The website goes from stage to stage to an expert who works through every nuance and trifle, bearing responsibility for his actions. Even a small mistake made at one of the stages can lead to disastrous consequences.

The stages of website creation include not only programming and design. It is also analytics, research, concept, strategy, which together create an effective tool for sales and attracting customers from a website. The sequence of website creation in Yakloft Design is as follows:

1. Personal meeting

Getting to know the client, we suggest filling out the brief. We will learn about the business, goals and objectives of the future project. If necessary, we make a presentation of the web-studio. We answer questions related to the cost of services, the term of creation and development of the website, depending on its type. The meeting is hosted by the project manager. It can happen several times at the customer's office or in a convenient place. It is also possible to hold online meetings using Skype if the customer is in another city.

2. Marketing analysis and preparation of technical specifications

At this stage of creating a website, a marketer studies the niche and activities of the customer in order to analyze the target audience, collect the necessary information about competitors, pricing, demand for goods and services in the region where the website will be promoted. Marketing analysis & ndash; an integral stage of website development. The data obtained dictate to us the strategy and concept of the project, allow us to understand which chips and hooks can be used in development, and which are better not to use. After detailed discussions with the client, determining the nuances, a technical task is developed.

Technical task is a document that is the basis for each member of our team. Therefore, it is not signed by the client until the moment when each item will not satisfy him. The TK indicates:

  • Customer's wishes regarding the visual part. Colors and fonts, ratio of graphic to information, use of Company identity, content placement, etc .;
  • Semantics. An SEO specialist selects a semantic core on which information, headings, subheadings, titles and descriptions will be built;
  • Functional. In this case, the entire functional part of the website is indicated. In particular, a standard set or individual functions that a web-studio programmer needs to develop. In the latter case, the tasks and goals of the function are described in detail;
  • The technologies that will be used to create the website, as well as the technical requirements for it.

Drawing up a technical task is a very important point in the development of a turnkey website. Therefore, we always recommend that the customer familiarize himself with it in detail and only then put his signature. After signing the terms of reference, the client is provided with a contract for the services of creating a website.

3. Prototyping

We pay great attention to the development of a website prototype. Prototyping allows you to exclude all possible errors or misunderstandings between us and the customer. He visualizes the future website, gives an understanding of where the blocks will be placed, and also helps to make corrections and adjustments before the design is developed. The website prototype shortens the time of its creation, so we always develop it and demonstrate it to the customer.

4. Website design

Each stage of website creation is important, but especially design development. This is the most creative work and very responsible. After all, design is the first thing that a visitor sees when loading a web resource.

The designer is based on the terms of reference and takes into account the previously developed and approved prototype. He selects colors, draws buttons, banners, making the pages aesthetically pleasing. Also, when creating a visual part, a specialist takes into account the peculiarities of human perception of information so that the design is remembered and evokes the right designcan be adjusted up to full agreement with the customer.

5. Layout (merging design with CMS)

A HTML5 layout designer creates a working website from the design. Dynamism appears, the resource becomes cross-browser. After testing the operation, loading speed and responsiveness of the website is completed, it connects to the control system. At this stage, pages, categories are created, hyperlinks are placed. The resource receives a ready-made structure that will be shown to visitors. The last process at the stage of layout is the development of an adaptive design for displaying the page on all mobile gadgets and reaching mobile target audience.

6. Programming

The programmer joins the work only if it is necessary to develop complex functions that are not included in the standard list. This can be a personal account, calculator, banking systems, etc.

7. Transfer to hosting and project delivery

At the final stage of website development, the project is transferred to the selected hosting. The domain of the resource can be assigned in this period of work or during the previous ones. The finished project is tested for errors under a load artificially created by a specialist. If errors are found, the website is returned for revision. After all the work, the project is considered completed and issued to the customer. Together with him, the customer is provided with logins and passwords to enter the control system. We also provide training on the use of CMS.

What websites are we developing?

We offer the following types of website development services in New York:

  • Landing Page;
  • Company website;
  • Online store;
  • Business website;
  • Directory website.

All types of websites are united by a single goal sell goods, services or information. However, they all have their own specifics and characteristics.

Landing Page (landing page, selling / landing / landing page) is aimed at attracting visitors, converting them into customers and maximizing sales of only one product or service. The landing page is created according to the sales structure, has calls to action and motivates the visitor to buy. Depending on the niche the company operates in, a high-quality landing page can generate up to 45% conversions. It is ideal for selling exclusive goods, offering promotions and discounts, advertising services. Landing page can be either a stand-alone website or an excellent addition to Company or other types of projects for online business. Typically, the landing page is promoted by PPC and is the most effective way to make instant sales.

Company website is created for established companies in a niche to attract customers, create and strengthen their image. This is a large multi-level project that can contain complex functions for the convenience of customers, as well as Company communication and all kinds of monetary and commodity accounting. Such websites contain detailed information about the company, its advantages and goals, allow not only to work for sale, but also to position the company as a leader in the market through the expert presentation of its capabilities.

Online Stores intended for the sale of goods in large quantities. They have an unobtrusive design, selling structure and navigation, ideal usability and the necessary functions for the convenience of visitors in choosing and buying a product of interest. The online store consists of many categories, subcategories and product cards with a detailed description of each. For ease of use, both standard functions can be introduced (shopping cart, online assistant, etc.), and unique ones can be developed (linking to banking systems, currency converter, calculator, etc.).

A Business Websitewill be an excellent start-up for a young company that is only striving to occupy its own niche. As a rule, a Business Websiteis a one-page containing information about the company and its activities. The technical capabilities of the resource allow in the future to modify it by creating a full-fledged Company website.

A catalog website is similar in structure and purpose to an online store, but does not provide an opportunity for a visitor to place an order online. Such resources can contain thousands of cards and are created in case it is necessary to demonstrate the goods produced by the company, or the products are sold in foreign currency, the exchange rate of which is constantly changing. Directory websites contain a feedback form for consulting a client and motivating him directly by the company's employees.

What type of website is right for your business?

The choice of the type of website depends on the type of activity, its specifics, goals and objectives that the project should achieve. All issues are discussed individually with the customer. As a rule, we recommend ordering the creation of a website in New York of the following types:

Landing Page for:

  1. Sales of exclusive, rare or not yet represented in a wide range of products on the market;
  2. Sales of company services;
  3. Demonstration of promotions, bonuses and special offers;
  4. Limited product sales:
  5. Sales of goods and services dedicated to the holidays.

Company website for:

  1. Enhancing and strengthening the company's image and brand;
  2. Simplification of communication with clients, Company communication and accounting of goods turnover;
  3. Providing full information about the company, displaying its expertise;
  4. Sales of goods and services sold by the company.

Online store for:

  1. Large-scale sales of any goods;
  2. Increase profits through online business.

Business Websitefor:

  1. A good startup of a young company;
  2. Sales of information about services and goods.

Directory website for:

  1. Large companies producing goods or supplied from abroad;
  2. Quick search for goods and maximum familiarization with them.

The selection of the type of website for its creation is individual. It is necessary to study the customer's business, to understand his desires and goals. This happens when you personally discuss the order with the client.

What determines the terms of website development?

The timing of website creation depends on a number of factors:

  • website subject. The topic is an important point, on which the terms of website development directly depend. If the topic is highly specialized, it requires a long and deep study by marketers.
  • website volume. The larger the website, the longer it takes to develop navigation, menus, pages, categories and subcategories, cards, etc.
  • Complexity of development. The complexity of individual elements: design, functionality, capabilities, affects the timeline for creating a website.
  • Preparation of technical specifications. the technical task contains many important nuances: a description of each stage of manufacturing, processing and editing, the number of web design layouts and page rendering, coordination and description of functionality, technical work, etc.
  • Testing. This stage can take up to 20% of the total website creation time. The specialist must fully work out the website, create various loads to assess the "behavior" of the website. If errors are found, the project is returned for revision, and then tested again.
  • Additional work. When discussing the production of a website with the customer, a number of additional works are negotiated. This includes filling pages with content, writing texts, engaging photographers and videographers to create unique photos / videos, etc.
  • The quality of customer feedback. Very often, due to poor customer feedback, deadlines are missed. In the process, hundreds of points are discussed with the customer, which he must agree, confirm, deny, correct, etc. If the client does not get in touch, the deadlines suffer from this.

When we announce the terms of development of websites in New York and USA, we indicate the approximate time period. The exact terms are announced only after all the nuances have been agreed with the customer, as well as with a full understanding of their tasks.

What determines the cost of website development?

When specifying the cost of creating websites in New York and USA web-studios announce the minimum cost of their services. It is the threshold that assesses the capabilities and experience of performers. The exact price is announced only after a detailed immersion in the customer's business and understanding of the tasks set for the specialists. Often the final amount differs from the initial one declared by the manager when the customer first contacted the web design studio. This is due to the fact that a number of factors affect the cost:

  • website type;
  • The complexity of the technical task;
  • The number of functional developments to the standard functionality;
  • The need to attract third-party specialists (photographers, videographers, etc.);
  • Writing texts and filling the website with content.

All the nuances are assessed and discussed with the customer at the first stages of cooperation. When the price is entered into the contract, the amount becomes fixed. The only exception can be a client's mistake, who did not take into account the need to develop additional functions, and said this after the document was signed.

CMS system for website development

At the first stages of cooperation with the customer to create a website, we discuss CMS selection. This is a rather painstaking work, since it is necessary to select an engine that can fully satisfy the administrator in the convenience of using the system, as well as provide a full list of functional tools.

To understand which engine to choose for the website, we consult with the customer about free and paid systems. Today there are about 6 of the most popular free CMS and dozens of paid ones, the list of which is growing. There is no fundamental difference in the two types of engines. Paid from free differs only in more advanced functionality. However, sometimes this is exactly the key factor in developing a quality website. Free content management systems may well compete with paid ones, on their basis most of the goals can be achieved.

In our practice, we most often use free engines. Of all the presented ones, we select the most suitable system that can satisfy the customer's requests. Thus, we save the client's budget and produce an effective project with the most convenient management system. Most often, we give preference to the following engines for the website:


This management system is one of the five common set of popular website engines. It is simple and easy to use, intuitive to use, does not require deep knowledge, and also has source code, so you can not only manage the website, but also create applications. The main benefits include:

  • The presence of a convenient and functional SEO module that allows you to specify settings for internal optimization and page promotion in search engines;
  • No hosting problem. For this CMS, MySQL database, PHP support, IIS or Apache web server is enough;
  • There is a tag syntax. An unusual solution, but very convenient in practice, as it allows you to create clean and understandable template code.


20% of all users choose the free CMS engine Joomla. This system is a hybrid of ease of use and versatility. At the same time, the system provides a user-friendly interface for easy use. The advantages of the engine include:

  • Beautiful design;
  • Easy installation and use that even an untrained person can handle;
  • Support of access restriction and control protocols;
  • The presence of an administrative panel with a wide range of functions.


This engine can be called one of the best, as it is very easy to operate. It becomes an ideal solution for creating and administering websites of any type: both small news blocks and very large online stores. Benefits:

  • It is very popular among users, so you can always get help on specialized forums;
  • Multifunctionality, a very large selection of plugins for all types of websites;
  • Easy to work with HTML-markup thanks to WYSIWYG;
  • No knowledge or experience required.


This website engine is designed to create an online store and manage it. Contains many integrated functions, including website optimization functionality for promotion in search engines. Benefits:

  • Easy to install;
  • Integrated payment systems, including Webmoney;
  • A wide reporting system, detailed customization of reports on orders, returns, money turnover, etc .;
  • A very wide range of settings that allow you to present products, discounts and promotions, create affiliate programs and more.

The choice of CMS for the website depends on its type, client's preparation and his wishes. Also an important factor is the capabilities of the engine itself. We select the most suitable option and, if necessary, train the customer or website administrator to use the management system.

How to start creating a website?

If you are just at the beginning of your business and have never had your own web resource before, do not rush to contact a website development studio. First you need to know where to start creating a website . You need to prepare yourself in advance in order to contact the developers with ready-made information. So you can simplify the work of specialists and independently figure out the principles of creating your website, knowingly knowing the answers to the questions to which you have to answer the project manager.

First, decide on an idea. Consider if you really need a website. If yes, then set goals and objectives. What functions should the future project perform? Sell, advertise or inform? Assess the capabilities of your company, your own strengths. This also applies to the budget. Website development in New York is an expensive pleasure, not everyone can afford it. At first, a young company will operate at a loss in order to cover the costs of developer services. Having decided unambiguously in favor of the website, define your niche. Think about whether you can become an expert in your field, whether your company will be able to outperform the competition and by what criteria.

Be sure to look at examples of websites on the Internet, save links to projects that you like design, functionality. Later you can demonstrate these examples to the developer so that he can understand what is required of him. Think about the website's domain name. The task is not easy, you have to "break" your head to find a spectacular name that will be free. Decide on suppliers. It's foolish to launch a website if you can't fully serve your customers.

Finally, choose an artist. Website development is a very popular service today. So don't be in a hurry. Evaluate the capabilities of web-studios adequately and impartially, compare prices, terms of website production, view the portfolio, communicate with managers and ask questions of interest. Once you've decided on your web-studio, please provide the information you collected earlier. And always keep feedback from the developer to shorten the time to build the website and get the result you expect.

What is turnkey website development?

If for your purposes order an effective website as a sales tool, then the best solution would be to contact a web design studio dealing with turnkey website development . What does this service give?

  • Only one team of specialists develops the website from scratch to complete completion and delivery of the project;
  • Developers dive into your business in detail, study the nuances that will allow them to become a hook for visitors;
  • Reduces the time it takes to complete the website and minimizes the risks of misunderstanding.

As a rule, the creation of a turnkey website is a number of advantages and benefits. You do not need to look for various specialists who will perform a certain group of tasks, spend your time and nerves on explaining the work. In addition, web studios that offer this service carry out a complex of work, which includes not only the creation of a website in New York, but also its content, promotion and support.

How to create your website and be satisfied?

You can understand in detail how to create your website on the internet, you can know the details and nuances, order the development of a website from professionals, but get something completely different from what you expected. You can express your dissatisfaction with the performers, sort out your claims, but not get a clear answer. And all because initially, you may have made a number of mistakes. To minimize risks and create a website that satisfies you in all respects, you should be aware of a few golden rules.

1. The website is created not for you, but for your target audience

If you turned to professionals, and you are offered a design or website functionality that you do not like or do not like, but the specialist claims that his offer is the best for your customers, agree with him. Remember, they are the ones that generate income for your company, so they are in the first place in the development of websites.

2. High-quality feedback is the key to the success of the website

Do not think that developers will be able to understand at a glance what is required of them. You need to tell in detail about the activities of your company, the specifics of your business, advantages, competitors, product. You should provide as complete information as possible in order to simplify the work of the team of specialists and, at the same time, as a result, get the expected result. Never shift the responsibility for the result onto the shoulders of specialists if for some reason you could not provide comprehensive information on any issues.

3. Participate in the preparation of technical specifications

Drawing up a technical task is the most important process when developing a website. The document includes a list of all actions that will be performed by specialists. Therefore, you must participate in its development, read each point in detail, correct it, ask questions. The terms of reference should be signed only at the moment when you agree with EVERY detail described in it.

4. Do not save

High-quality website development in New York depends on the capabilities and professionalism of the developer. This is evidenced by the cost of their services. It is easier to develop a website at an expensive price and pay once, than to save money and spend 3-5 times more on revision and elimination of errors. Therefore, do not save money and order the development of a web resource from real experts.

About web-studio Yakloft Design

More than 5 years of continuous activity, 350+ ready-made websites, including for show business stars and very large American and Canadian companies, more than 1000 positive technical assignments from clients and constant growth of opportunities, so briefly you can describe our web design and development studio. Website development studio Yakloft Design is one of the twenty best digital agencies in USA. We are a team of extroverts united by love and passion for work. We strive for personal and career development. Over the years, we have reached heights, which is once again proved by the high performance indicators of websites created by our team.

What we offer you:

  1. An effective platform for doing online business in New York and the USA. We develop premium websites that achieve their goals 100% of the time. Regardless of the complexity and type of website, we produce a full-fledged marketing tool that does not require modification.
  2. Perfect quality of technical work. We optimize websites for search engine optimization, create an adaptive UX resource design, make a valid HTML5 layout. We use modern technical tools and guarantee a high download speed according to Google Test Speed 90/100 with a server response of no more than 200 ms.
  3. A full range of services for the creation and promotion of websites. We develop a turnkey website from scratch, we provide promotion and promotion services to provide customer companies with a continuous flow of customers, design and redesign, create a Company identity, content management, copywriting. We apply unique solutions and fresh ideas for a specific client's business.
  4. Transparent cooperation based on a formal agreement. Our web design studio is legally registered, so we are fully financially responsible for failure to fulfill the obligations specified in the contract.

In our person, each client finds a reliable partner who can be unconditionally entrusted with their online business and get the most out of any field of activity.

Website development and promotion in New York

Website promotion is an essential service that every web project owner should turn to. Without promotion and advertising of the website, it will not appear in the search results, therefore, potential customers will not find out about it. Therefore, promotion is not a whim, but a necessity. For clients, the question always arises of where to order website promotion, because the success of the project directly depends on the quality of work. We always recommend that you entrust this part of the work to the developers who created your website. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The developers who created the website for you already know the information necessary for promotion about your business: optimal traffic sources, target audience, etc. This minimizes the risks of making mistakes;
  • The type of promotion is negotiated at the first stages of cooperation, therefore, during technical work, the website is optimized for a specific task;
  • You save time looking for specialists whose quality of services you cannot be sure of;
  • You can get a discount on a set of works, which is a good saving.

When discussing a project, we always touch on the topic of promotion. We offer a range of services for the creation and promotion of websites: SEO-Optimization , PPC (paid advertising on Google), advertising in social networks, forums, Youtube. We always guarantee the result, optimize the customer's budget and are responsible for our work.

How to order website development from Yakloft Design?

You can order website development or any other services provided by our web-studio in several ways:

  1. Call the number indicated in the header of our website or in the "Contacts" section;
  2. Write to E-mail.

The project manager will make an appointment at any place convenient for you in New York or via Skype, will hold a presentation of the studio, projects and capabilities of our team, listen to wishes, make a miscalculation and offer the best solution for your business. You can also contact us by contact numbers and get advice on any issues related to our services and cost, as well as clarify the details of the future project and order the production of the website. Contact us!