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We are developing a product that can triple your income in 25 days, with this was left with the adequate cost of the landing page and the premium quality of development, which meets the expectations of even the most demanding client.

Потрясающий маркетинг

The business of our clients is unique, so our team researches the niche in detail. We study advantages over competitors and only after that we develop a landing page. it helps us create selling Landing Pages with up to 50% efficiency.

Emotional WOW Design

All landing pages developed by us have an exclusive and effective design capable of evoke a positive attitude even from the most gloomy customer. This helps to increase website conversions and better branding for your company.

Professional adaptation and layout

Your landing page will be harmoniously displayed on all used Internet browsers and mobile devices regardless of screen size, which will improve behavioral factors and conversion rates.

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competitors and a niche

We monitor competition, we study the client's business, seasonality and demand for goods on the Internet, to achieve a high impact of the landing page and get the right one for the customer effect.
Develop selling structure
Let's compose a target portrait of your potential client, we will develop a model and prototype of the Website based on received data. We will register competent, motivating selling texts call-to-action.
Establish a permanent
flow of clients

Set up online advertising for your landing page (Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, targeted advertising from social networks), we will target only interested people in your proposal. So this way, we get a quick return and high efficiency.
We will provide fast payback of landing page
Average payback of landing page of our clients 1-2 months, depending on the type of business. Your investments will return and start multiplying in an incredibly short time. Is it isn't it awesome?
Features of our
Download speed Website in 1-3 seconds
Perfect optimization resource for search engines
Selling and exclusive design with conversion up to 45%
Work based on convenient and simple CMS
Responsive version for all popular screens
Security - protection against hacks and viruses
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incredible Websites

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Benefits of Landing Page Development We know what you need. You need customers and profit. You need a non-standard Website, but a 100% way to get benefit. You want to sell a service or product faster and more profitably, spending minimal money on this. Web Studio Yakloft Design - it is your support and reliable partner. We offer you not just Order landing page creation , but development of a technically complex but comprehensible project capable of performing the tasks you set.

We are developing a marketing concept, a real tool arrived; we create a unique, bright and profitable selling proposition; we develop advertising campaign, offering profitable options for website promotion. Web studio staff from scratch will create super profitable and trendy product that works and increases your sales up to 10 times from the Internet.

Clients of our web studio receive a responsive resource with attractive design and animation effects, selling advertising text aimed to attract visitors, and fast promotion with first visitors in 3 hours.

Key benefits of creating a landing page

Landing Page - it is a one-page selling website whose purpose is convert Website visitors into buyers. The transition to the landing page is done using advertising sources Google and Yandex, social networks, mailings, etc. One-page contains one selling unique offer that motivates the consumer to call, leave request, Order a product or subscribe to the newsletter.

Landing page advantages:

  • Visitor's focus and interest on a specific offer;
  • Conversion from 2% to 45% depending on the subject and advertising sources, their settings;
  • Encouraging and motivating the visitor to perform a specific action using carefully thought out elements.

The work of the studio Yakloft Design is aimed at result . To achieve it, modern ideas and styles, experience and creativity of employees. For the effective work of the project, web studio marketers carry out in-depth analysis of the market, competitors, similar offers, target audience and determine the need of this segment, which helps to create a one-page with a conversion of up to 45%. An exclusive selling proposition is being developed that promotes a vibrant and dynamic design. Landing page is optimized, advertised, customized and developed in such a way in a way that the product attracts the consumer and leads to targeted action.

Landing page development is necessary for you if:

  • Would you like to offer the target audience a specific service or product;
  • It is necessary to hold a promotion before the holidays to instantly increase sales;
  • Would you like to expand your customer base;
  • You need to get profit from deals faster.

We will design a catchy headline and a clear call to action the right offer that focuses the visitor on the goal; in accordance with the laws marketing, we will prioritize for the correct perception of the Website by the consumer, we will place photos and videos, reviews and awards, diplomas and certificates of the company.

Pay special attention to the content of the landing page. Based on psychological perception of human information, behavioral factors and specifics informational component of the landing page and its requirements for texts, we create unique content. We fill the Website with texts with the maximum specificity and numbers, we transfer key points in accessible for the visitor.

When developing a project based on a CMS - an accessible system administration of the Website, we provide the ability to independently change and adjust information. If the customer wishes, we will take responsibility for maintaining the page, add text and graphic information. As a result of cooperation, each customer of our the company receives a number of undeniable benefits:

  1. Fast payback. Financial investments become investments. That monetary contribution which was spent, pays off in a month, after which it begins to multiply. In the future, the customer receives excess profit, exceeding the costs by 3-5 times each month;
  2. Savings on promotion. When choosing contextual advertising as an advertising method, specialists control the budget. The client manages to save money on an advertising campaign, receiving net income;
  3. First visitors 3 hours after the launch of the advertisement. Having chosen the PPC promotion method, the first visitors will appear in 2-3 hours after setting up and launching contextual advertising. This is a tremendous time saving and the first profit without a long wait;
  4. Cheap development. One-page development costs 1.5-2 times cheaper than other types of Websites, and the conversion exceeds the indicators at times;
  5. Fast website creation. Unlike other types of website that need 3-5 weeks on development, selling one-page is created in 2-3 weeks.

Stages of making a turnkey selling page

1. Goal setting

Sets the goals and objectives for the design of the landing page. The information is voiced by the customer or studied by specialists of our company on the basis of received data. When building a goal, the minimum conversion threshold is calculated based on specifics of the offer, as well as the maximum possible conversion and percentage of increase in turnover company.

2. Market analysis

We carry out 5 consecutive stages of marketing analysis: market, competitors, client's business, competitiveness (the number of competitors in the niche and number of requests on the Internet), seasonality, target audience.

3. Development of structure, concept

We compose a unique selling proposition, write several selling headlines (at the client's choice), we select "prominent" places to place the form capture according to the psychological factors of the person.

4. Selling text writing

Copywriters of our web studio are developing a sales structure texts, write unique content, introducing hooks for visitors and customer benefits . Texts are written with a high uniqueness rate and without water. The client is given a prototype of the Website with the received data of the marketing analysis.

5. Landing page design

After the prototype is agreed, the Website goes to the designer. The developed layout of the design is submitted to the client for approval and is changed until the customer will approve it.

6. Layout and programming

The finished design goes to the layout designer. After landing page layout, Website is being tested (loading speed, adaptability, cross-browser compatibility, convenience, usability, etc.).

The finished project is handed over to the client, and then organized advertising campaign when ordering a service in our studio.

Landing page development price in NY and USA

The cost of creating a landing page in Yakloft Design starts at $ 700. For this amount, the client gets the opportunity to Order a selling page that will be remembered design visitors, making every 6th of them a client.

Landing page for goods and services (up to 10 screens)

from 700 $

Landing page for goods and services (up to 15 screens)

from 1000 $


from 1500 $

Landing page cost depends on:

1) Design complexity (number of individual drawn elements);

2) Business specifics, product competitiveness and its features, that may affect development;

3) Website length, number of logical blocks;

4) Complexity of functionality (payment via Visa / MasterCard, calculators, etc.).


  • Development of complex illustrations and animations;
  • Configuring end-to-end analytics;
  • Binding to the administration system;
  • A / B testing;
  • Integration with CRM.

We invite you to view the price list for services or contact manager for details. To Order landing page in NY, contact us, visit a web studio or invite a project manager to the office. We recommend to download and fill out the brief for a full presentation of your business and save time.

6 Important Differences Of The Selling Landing Page We Create

Landing Page - a powerful base for advertising a company, product or services on the Internet. To achieve your goals and increase conversion, Yakloft Design designs and places on the page key attributes that highlight Website from the rest:

  • Large, high quality and detailed product photos or photos that associated with business and evoke the right associations among visitors;
  • Development of a unique selling proposition that reveals an advantage product / service over analogs / competitors and increases conversion by 2-3 times;
  • We develop a hook: promotion, bonus, special offer, limited in time;
  • We reveal the strengths of a product, service or company;
  • We place a trust block for visitors: reviews, awards and certificates of the company, video from a request from the head of the company or employees of a managerial position, etc .;
  • Create a powerful call to action - a motivational button that becomes logical block endings.

Web studio creates landing pages on the principle of increasing interest by marketing sales structure of AIDA (A-attention, I-interest, D-desire; A-action). Creating a consistent structure helps to focus the lead's attention, show key important points, demonstrate benefits for him, motivate him to take action and gently, without aggression, push to the key action (Order, download, register etc.).

Text and information is adapted for stationary users devices and mobile gadgets using the responsive version. For this, we take into account the specifics user behavior when scrolling the Website, placing blocks in a logical sequence, so that "kindle" a person's interest in the Website and product / service. Information component laconic, without water, conveys the key essence, invites, attracts and motivates.

The goal of the web studio staff when developing a one-page - retain the user. To do this, capturing attention is performed using pictures, on the background of which is written a text of a selling nature, visual elements are placed: instructions on application, video reviews from happy owners of the product / service, infographics, photos goods, etc.

Creating a landing page becomes a critical step for entrepreneurs and businessmen who wish to promote a product on the market and generate income as soon as possible. Landing pages built for sales, help differentiate audience according to certain criteria and provide the formed target group from potential customers information and product they need.

By ordering a landing page in our web studio, the client receives a powerful a selling tool aimed at converting visitors into buyers or customers. A website that works 24 hours a day is ready to educate potential clients about the benefits and the benefits of a product, service or company. While you are resting or exercising by its own business, the selling one-page works for you, brings new customers and brings company profit.

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