Logo is the key for promoting the company to the market, creating competition, customer acquisition. It acts as a factor in increasing memorability and customer perception of the firm, an identifier for partners and suppliers, allows you to highlight themselves among other organizations engaged in similar business. Logo used when selling goods and services in the form of an advertising label on corporate business cards and letterheads, POS materials, packaging, envelopes and websites.

Beautiful and creative logos - visual emblems that encourage to association with a particular organization or product. Logo design - simple and natural, due to it the brand acquires recognition and image. Before development logo, masters of the web studio "Yakloft Design" in NY are discussing the appearance and concept. It is important to understand the thoughts and desires of the customer, discuss them and, based on experience, creativity and professionalism, to create a beautiful and effective sign.

3 important functions that a quality logo design performs

A logo is a business card of any company. Small detail plays great role in the successful development and functioning of the company. Small element carries a huge message in the form of information about the company. It is very important to create high-quality logo design, as it is the main method of communication with clients. A professionally designed design will perform the following functions:

  • Distinctive - logo design makes the product stand out companies from analogues; Associative - a high-quality logo will evoke the correct associations that will motivate them to buy;
  • Advertising - the ability to apply a sign to advertising carriers, which will quickly and more efficiently promote the recognition of the company and bring profit;
  • Warranty - a product that has a company logo, has high quality guaranteed by this company.

Principles of designing a custom logo

Разработка концепции логотипаBefore making the logo, it is necessary to determine for whom, what it is created for and what goals it should pursue. Further the target audience is analyzed, a portrait of a potential buyer who will interested in the logo, and then the business is audited. Understanding the details and nuances company, a "chip" is being developed - a feature that will distinguish the logo from competitors.

It is important to design it in such a way that the graphic the image carried the right message, which was put into the creation by the developers and the customer. To do this, the needs of buyers are analyzed, compared with the relevance and fashion trends. The developments are transferred to the designer, who embodies the collected information into a layout.

The created layout is discussed in detail with the customer. is he looks through it, evaluates it, makes changes, corrections, chooses the one you like option, after which the details are finalized, and the finished project is handed over. As a result the client receives an effective tool for doing business in NY and USA, a recognizable element that contributes to the company's image. Thanks to quality logo design the flow of customers and profits increases.

Stages of making a logo for a brand

Создание графической версии логотипа

  1. Marketing audit of the market and competition, identification of tasks and location of the company in the market of NY and USA;
  2. Develop a creative concept;
  3. Create conceptual, technical and artistic company logo and style design;
  4. Writing a brand book instructions for working with a ready project, which includes guidelines and rules for corporate use of the logo and style company.

Companies that already have a logo, but it is no longer relevant or has lost its positive qualities, web studio "Yakloft Design" in NY offers a restyling service. It implies small adjustments in graphic image, replacement of small details, shade, the use of a trend concept, which will be able to attract the interest of buyers to innovations.

Professional logo and corporate identity development from the web studio "Yakloft Design" in NY - optimal and effective a way of shaping the perception of the company's brand, stimulating the sale of goods and services and attracting new buyers. Order a logo in our studio and get benefits in the form low prices and premium development.


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