Features of SEO website promotion
with Yakloft design

Focus on results

Regardless of the specifics of the business, we make the company a leader by offering an individual development strategy taking into account the specifics of the site, competition and region.

Exceptional white promotion

We use only "white" SEO promotion methods, which allows us to reduce the risk of falling under filters and imposition of sanctions by search engines to zero and guarantees stable development and growth company sales


We individually approach the development of a strategy for each company, correctly define target audience and sources of effective promotion, which helps the site to attract more paying visitors and generating income for the company


We are ready for force majeure and are ready to solve any problem. Regardless of volume work, the complexity of the client's requirements and the specifics of the business do not give up and work on result

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We study business and competitors, analyze the site and we identify errors, draw up a plan for external and internal optimization, taking into account the requirements of search engines
Complex approach
We take a complex approach to solving the problem, apply modern promotion methods and fresh solutions using existing internet marketing tools
Continuous development business
We find effective promotion strategies, we quickly respond to dynamic changes in search engine requirements systems and ensure the stability of the growth of targeted actions from visitors site
Fixed open budget
We establish a clear system of metrics that allows our clients to control visitor behavior and costs. We provide monthly transparent reporting with an indication of all expenses
price from 300 $ | terms from 2 months

"Yakloft Design" web studio is engaged in advertising and promotion sites since 2012. Over the years of activity, we have gained sufficient experience and skills to offer quality SEO promotion to clients for whom we have created website and those who ordered the production of a web resource from other performers. We guarantee professional solution of the problem and effective website promotion.

We consciously approach the goal, understand the mechanism and the principles of website promotion and promptly orient ourselves in a situation when search engines change ranking policy. We are engaged in high-quality internal and external website optimization, we promote the resource in one, several regions and throughout USA and guarantee an increase attendance, number of calls or requests and increase in conversion after the 3rd month work.

Principles and benefits of SEO optimization and promotion

SEO-promotion is a set of measures aimed at increasing the position of the website in the search results for targeted queries users. The purpose of SEO promotion is to attract target audience and convert them into customers. The principle of SEO-promotion includes:

  • Analysis of the activities of the client, competing companies, connecting the site to systems Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics and collection of results of visitor behavior;
  • Web analytics, formation of a promotion strategy, development of a semantic core;
  • Creation (if necessary) and optimization of content, website structure, analysis internal linking and navigation efficiency;
  • Placing links on thematic sites;
  • Monitoring donors, site, searching for new entry points;
  • Working with snippets and micro-markup.

50% work in SEO-promotion of sites is occupied by internal and external optimization. Internal optimization contains:

  • Removal of technical flaws and site errors, increasing page loading speed;
  • Image processing, internal link and URL optimization;
  • Creation of interesting content, writing well-structured SEO articles with high uniqueness; spelling title, description.

External SEO site optimization involves registration resource in search engines and catalogs, exchange links with popular resources, updating information and materials on the website.

Why is it better to order SEO-promotion in our studio

1. Analysis and strategy

We study the specifics of the business and the main competitors, conduct thorough analysis of the site and identify errors. We draw up a detailed work plan for external and internal site optimization, we take into account changes in the requirements of search engines and draw up detailed terms of reference.

2. Technical audit

Examining the site from the technical side for errors in the original code to effectively tune it to search engine algorithms. Technical audit and optimization affects the ranking of the site and affects its raising to the TOP.

3. Compilation of the semantic core

We select words and phrases of various frequencies for which potential buyers will find your site. When compiling semantics, we take into account quality content, age of the resource, its preparation for promotion, actual visibility in search engines. We group the target audience, determining its motives and behavior in order to correctly adjust content for targeted requests. This approach to SEO will help web project to attract more visitors and generate income for the client of our web studio.

4. High-quality internal website optimization

Filling pages with unique content, adapting cards products, optimize the internal linking of pages, work out meta tags, file robots.txt and set up a sitemap. We analyze and optimize the HTML-markup of the site and we draw up practical recommendations.

5. Only "white" SEO promotion

We use proven "white" ways to promote eliminate the risks of getting the site under the filters. We use perpetual links.

6. Transparent work and clean reporting

Establish a clear system of KPIs and metrics based on set goals. We guarantee a clear and open budget and clean reporting with accurate indicating expenses.

As a result of our work on SEO optimization and promotion the client receives the web resource:

  1. An effective promotion channel for a moderate fee;
  2. A site that meets the new requirements of search engines;
  3. Large coverage of the target audience;
  4. No risks associated with "gray" and "black" type of SEO promotion;
  5. Improving the ranking of the site in the search results of Google, Yandex search engines;
  6. Increasing organic traffic without linking to CPC;
  7. Increasing the target action (call, application or filling out an online feedback form), increase loyalty, brand development and increase the company's profitability.

Price for SEO-promotion in New York and USA

SEO cost in our web studio starts at $ 400. The cost of the work of SEO specialists of the web studio depends a certain strategy according to which it is planned to promote the web resource, the number the time spent and the tasks that the client sets before us. The price also depends on number of link purchases for external optimization and their cost, and the number of SEO-texts , which should write a copywriter.

We offer the best cooperation options that take into account the wishes, tasks and needs of the client. Our main task is to bring your company as a leader, therefore we offer an individual vector of business development on the Internet with taking into account the specifics of the site, niche, region and market competition. Call us or leave contact phone number by filling out the feedback form. We will call you back and offer effective SEO promotion options based on your budget.