Features of promotion in social networks
In Yakloft design

Focus on results

We are focused on efficiency and attraction of the maximum number of target audience, creating profitable brand positioning and positive perception by subscribers

Exceptional white promotion

We use honest methods of advertising on social networks, attract subscribers and target audience with interesting and interactive content, without using "black" methods PR in relation to competitors

Individual promotion strategy

We select the individual and most effective website promotion channels, depending on the specifics of the business, site and target audience. We use only those media sources which are most suitable for business

We go to the result in any situation

We use all possible methods of promotion in social networks, correctly set up targeted advertising and guarantee increasing the loyalty of community members by relation to a company, product or service in an extremely short time

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We carry out deep and detailed monitoring of your organizations, activities and competitors. We offer only fresh decisions that positively affect the perception of group members of the company and advertising
Complex solutions
We find complex solutions to promote a company or site in social networks, we analyze the behavior of subscribers and offer only interesting and attractive content
Constant growth business
We analyze the effectiveness of the strategy and quickly we adjust it so that the promotion and promotion in social networks is stable made a profit for your company
Open and fixed budget
We create ads based on your budget, control costs, provide a clean financial statement and offer recommendations for saving your money
price FROM 200$| time: 3-5 days

Our web studio provides comprehensive promotion services company / product / service / brand through social networks. We offer open and transparent PR and marketing for companies of any size. Our goal is to draw attention to your brand with maximum targeted traffic, creating a positive impression for the brand and its further support, creation of a sales funnel.

Social media promotion offered by "Yakloft Design" includes a set of actions aimed at website optimization, making usability convenient for users of social networks, and creating and promoting communities with using competent marketing tools. We connect targeted advertising that interests and motivates to target action only that group of users, qualifying whose criteria (gender, age, area of ​​residence, interests) you choose yourself.

Benefits and objectives of SMM promotion

SMM promotion - creating groups or communities in social networks ( Facebook, Instagram ) in order to attract attention users, increasing loyalty to the company / product / service, brand popularity and stability in sales. Using social media as channels for advertising and promotion helps to target the target audience, to choose effective sites that are most suitable for the specifics of the business and have the largest number users potentially interested in its direction. Social media promotion decides 7 main tasks:

  1. Promoting the community for possible and available customers;
  2. Maximize awareness of the company by competent promotion of the community in the social network;
  3. Increase sales and site traffic;
  4. Target audience formation;
  5. Fast response to negative company information, maintaining a dialogue with group users, providing answers to their questions about company and products.

A positive result is guaranteed only if complex services for promotion in social networks are ordered, which includes SMO, SMM and PPC. Advertising on social networks is an additional service, but it is necessary if your goal is - get sales growth faster and more efficiently. Complex of services for SMM-promotion provides benefits for the company:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Customer retention;
  • Direct or two-step sales;
  • Building and strengthening trust in the company;
  • Powerful feedback.

By promoting VKontakte and Facebook, you can promote a new product, reveal its qualities and advantages, invite people to a webinar, offline event, expand the client base, as well as advertise with high quality own channel on YOUtube.

Stages of social media promotion that we follow

1. Marketing analysis and information collection

At the initial stage, we define the target audience, compose "avatar" of the consumer, taking into account gender, age, interests, region and marital status - those criteria that will help create an image of a potential client interested in suggestions from your company. We analyze competitors and their communities, define goals advertising campaign, we choose the most suitable social networks for the client's company.

2. Marketing strategy development

Taking into account business challenges, we develop an effective strategy product promotion. Based on experience, we offer fresh solutions that will positively affect on the perception of subscribers to the community and advertising.

3. Community building

Create a group or community, come up with a memorable name, we develop an attractive design and description. Filling the group with memorable content: news, relevant information and entertaining posts (photos, videos). We create engaging interactive content: promotions, votes, contests, etc.

4. Setting up targeted advertising and attracting new ones group subscribers

Create, set up and test an advertising campaign, we administer it and provide the client with a report on the results.

5. Start promotion on a social network

Inform subscribers, create engaging and motivating content in order to maintain the interest of subscribers to the group, transitions to the site, post likes or subscribe to a group.

In the process of advertising promotion on Facebook, Instagram and We provide recommendations on how to improve results on VKontakte, we quickly respond to actions potential clients, adjusting the strategy. Customer cost report is provided in agreed terms or upon first request.

Your benefits from ordering advertising on Facebook and VK in our web studio

  • We will form a profitable brand image by establishing communication with the target audience and disclosing strong the parties of the brand to the consumer;
  • We will ensure a stable flow of leads through an effective marketing strategy, designed to create a sales funnel using CMM;
  • We will increase loyalty to the product due to prompt feedback and high-quality communication with target audience;
  • We will increase the number of targeted actions on the part of the client by developing sales tactics, based on the characteristics of the audience and its needs.

Factors that affect the prices of promotion in social networks in NY and USA

Cost of SMM promotion in web studio Yakloft Design starts at $ 200 , the price includes budget for advertising and web studio services. The price can change, because depends on the direction business, brand popularity, audience specifics, level of competition, scope of work, the cost of PPC and the time of its operation, the complexity of the work of the studio staff, etc. an exclusive strategy is being developed for the project, which implies unique methods promotion.

Find out how much it costs social networks, you can contact our studio. We will monitor the business, determine the level of competitiveness and the need for the company's goods and services, we will create the estimated action plan of the web studio for promoting business in social networks and indicate approximate cost. Contact us and get professional advice on selection of an effective method of promoting the company in social networks.