Разработка дизайна для сайтаDesign website - the business card of the project, revealing its style and graphic image. If the design of the website is created with high quality, it is easy to use, exclusivity and matches the subject matter and needs of the target audience, it will attract, interest and will push the visitor to action, creating a positive impression of the company.

Professional website design development in NY is the result of the work of the leading designers of the web studio "Yakloft Design "with experience and talent in web design, identity, typography and others directions to create effective resources that work for your profit.

With the help of competent design, you can solve the business problems of the website, placing accents for converting a visitor into a client, evoke positive emotions and desire to return to the page again, which also affects conversion and promotion in search engines systems.

Modern web design involves using innovative technological web technologies and programs. Web studio "Yakloft Design" implements its full potential to achieve the stated goal of the website. For this are used graphic and bitmap programs, creative and non-standard business ideas are embodied, which as a result create an exclusive image of the web project.

Types and prices of website design in Yakloft Design

Стоимость создания дизайна сайтаDevelopment cost website design is determined individually and depends on the type, client's wishes, characteristics, complexity of execution, amount of work and time spent by specialists web studio "Yakloft Design" in NY.

The design of each website we make is unique (except template), we also offer the development of an exclusive web page design, which is distinguished by its complete uniqueness and is worked out in detail by designers, marketers, has a specific structure and concept that meets the needs of the target audience and client.

We also provide web resource redesign services that will help update your website, make it more modern, convenient and attractive. Redesign is performed visual and artistic tasks, and is also an important criterion for effective promoting the project in highly competitive topics.

Prices for services are discussed individually . Front by announcing the cost, Yakloft Design specialists in NY assess the condition of your website, listen to your wishes, offer the best options for improvement and optimization and after that, the total cost of the work is calculated.

Stages of website design

The website design development process is conventionally divided into 5 stages:

  • Preparation;
  • Discussion;
  • Defining the website style;
  • Layout creation;
  • Project approval and delivery.

Этапы разработки дизайнаPreparation means discussion of the work of web studio specialists, filling out a brief by the client, determining business goals and objectives, analysis of competitors, activities and target audience of the company, based on from which useful information for the project is revealed, which serves as a basis for work.

A creative atmosphere is being formed, details, wishes are discussed client, we offer optimal and effective options for solving the problem. On At the discussion stage, the manager, technologist and designer of the web studio "Yakloft Design" attention to all information, develop unique, creative, practical and bold ideas, from which depends on the success of the design.

At the stage of creating the website style, authoring elements are given in depending on the purpose of the project. The placement of certain logical blocks, information, images, etc. We will create a unique styling for your online store, promotional website, business card website, corporate portal, landing page, etc.

The layout phase embeds everything discussed earlier. The layout is handcrafted by the designer using innovative graphics programs (Photoshop, Illustrator) and tweaked until fully satisfied client web studio. At the last stage, the client is offered a website design, which contributes to the efficiency and profitability of the web resource. The final improvements, the project is rented and closed.

Web design services

We recommend that you become a client of the web studio “Yakloft Design ”and get a number of benefits from cooperation with professionals in NY. we we offer a range of services for the development of website design in NY, which includes:

  • Analytics and assessment of existing content, identification of strengths and weaknesses, providing advice on improving the style, image and perception of the web resource;
  • Modification or creating a logo from scratch , buttons, icons and other graphic components;
  • Development of flash-sitemap;
  • Creating a responsive website design;
  • Development of themes for platforms Wordpress, Joomla, Bitrix, etc.

Programmers and designers of our web studio use innovative technological tools, have experience in implementing European styles in website design development and create a recognizable and exclusive style of a web project. You can order the service by calling us by phone numbers or leaving contact details in the feedback form. We recommend downloading and filling out the brief, to speed up the work of web studio specialists in NY and save your time on the future discussion of the project.


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