Website development is a set of measures aimed at elimination of problems, completion of unfinished work by previous webmasters, adding or updating new programs, modules, plugins, or redesigning pages. We recommend ordering modernization of the site, if the resource is morally outdated or has obvious shortcomings, does not perform tasks, does not make a profit or you want your Internet site to receive more modern design, structure, technical modernization or concept.

Yakloft Design web studio is finalizing the sites created by on any engines , we update their versions and fix bugs with high quality of various nature and complexity. Having decided to order the revision of the site, your resource will automatically becomes a service in our studio. We will solve problems of any complexity: from installation minor technical innovations before reworking the resource from scratch.

Create a responsive version

from 300 $.

Development of the language version

from 150 $.

Website optimization for SEO

from $ 250.

Design changes

from $ 200.

Bug fixes after developers and clients

from 150 $.

Development of new functionality

from 500 $.

Migrating to a new CMS

from 1000 $.

5 essential website modernization tools

  • Redesign;
  • Updating and developing modules;
  • Social media integration;
  • Speed up page loading;
  • SEO-optimization.

Доработка сайта любой CMSThe design update will make outdated resource more convenient, attractive and memorable. With modern design will increase the loyalty and image of the company , which will lead to an increase sales and profits. New functional blocks will make the resource more informational, and usability simple and affordable.

Yakloft Design is working on reworking the management system (CMS), which saves time on processing requests from visitors and using the resource as a whole. Integration with social networks or shopping malls will help increase the flow of new customers. sites, as well as increasing the position of the resource in the search results. Web project modernization may consist in the completion of any technical or visual element, change, improvement and implementation of which will positively affect the performance of the resource.

Website redesign order

  • Submitting an application for website redesign in Kiev or Ukraine;
  • Drawing up technical specifications, providing access to the site, concluding an agreement;
  • Estimation of the volume, time and cost of work, making an advance payment;
  • Modernization according to TK;
  • Delivery of the project and payment of the second part of the cost.

The price for the revision of sites in Yakloft Design starts from UAH 1500 . for simple and medium-sized work. Exact cost manager studios will name it after identifying the problems and reviewing the list of desired fixes.

Who is recommended to order website improvements

Use rework and modernization service Recommended for owners of any web projects who, for whatever reason, are not satisfied the functioning of the resource or its appearance.

Most often owners contact our studio online stores, since such a resource often requires changes in functionality, elaboration content, simplification of usability for the convenience of buyers.

In this case, the cost of updating the site plays a secondary role as existing mistakes negatively affect business and profit.

Yakloft Design works with any site effectively improving them. We objectively assess the complexity and scope of work, we work only with a backup copy of web pages, capable of improving graphics, design, loading speed, adaptation, CMS management system and expand the functionality.

We work under a contract and guarantee quality, adequate terms and confidentiality. Submit a request for a website redesign and modernization service, describe your problem and get a detailed suggestion and action plan.


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