Features of online business promotion
with Yakloft design

Focus on results

We are focused only on the real and rapid growth of sales traffic from the site, to promotion we approach the resource in a comprehensive manner, focusing on long-term results and cooperation

Exclusively "white" promotion

When promoting and promoting, we use only safe "white" methods of website advertising, which guarantees a stable growth of positions and sales, insures your financial investments from search engines implement new algorithms and sanctions


We analyze in detail all sources of advertising on the Internet, tracking responses (applications and calls) and redistribute finances only to working profitable sources of advertising


Due to the promotion strategies developed over the years, we will provide your site with visitors and the first conversions already 2 days after the start of the PR campaign, and we will continue increase the amount of targeted traffic and conversion exponentially

Our services to promote your business

Bringing the site to the TOP of organic search results, increasing traffic and orders

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Instantly attract customers to your business with pay per click

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Driving traffic from social media networks through communication and advertising Google

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... customers have just gone to your competitors

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Market, niche and competitors are analyzed. Marketing strategy is drawn up. The target audience is determined.
Comprehensive approach
Our services - this is a multi-stage work. Thanks to the incredibly large experience, we have developed a special algorithm in Internet marketing and achieving client goals
Continuous development business
We turn visitors into customers from any traffic sources: today, tomorrow and in the future. We increase the percentage orders (CTR) in the course of work and give recommendations for new sources customer acquisition
Fixed open budget
We work only according to a carefully prepared and agreed contract. Payment is made on a monthly basis reports on business promotion on the Internet

Web studio "Yakloft Design" has been working since 2012 in the field of online advertising. Thanks to accumulated experience and knowledge, we have helped more than 300 clients to become leaders in promotion sites in the issuance of search engines. Internet Marketing Web Studio provides complete complex of services for website promotion . We guarantee recognition brand, increased traffic and increased turnover.

Comprehensive promotion service is sequential and phased execution of work. In the process of complex promotion, employees web studios in NY are focused on increasing the position of the website for relevant queries and increase in targeted search, social, media and paid traffic, sales and, hence your company's profits.

Website promotion methods that we provide

The result of website promotion and promotion in NY depends on quality of work and the created algorithm for their implementation. In our understanding, professional advertising for sites - this is a complex of actions, including SEO-promotion, paid advertising, promotion on Facebook, Vkontanta and Youtube.

SEO promotion - cheapest attraction method targeted traffic , which, with proper website optimization, in 2-3 months will give an increase in requests and calls from new customers. SEO promotion in Google search engines and Bing includes:

  • SEO audit and competition analysis;
  • Drawing up technical specifications for internal and external resource optimization;
  • Optimization of meta tags, linking between site pages, writing a unique content;
  • Selection of requests of different frequency in the direction of the company's activities and assessment the cost of each of them;
  • Buying perpetual links.

Also literate a strategy that is specifically designed for SEO promotion includes:

  • Competitor analytics;
  • Analysis of search queries by frequency and depending on the specifics of the target audience;
  • Writing texts with high uniqueness according to the A.I.D.A marketing structure;

As a result of our work, you get an increase in orders, regular customers and reducing the cost of advertising due to increased conversion.

Website promotion using Google and Bing contextual advertising

Paid advertising (contextual) is an effective type of promotion site, which consists in displaying advertisements in the search results robots after the user enters a search query. Contextual advertising helps Immediately increase sales growth as advertisements are shown only to interested users - potential buyers. Contextual advertising includes:

  • Defining goals, target audience, setting up advertising in search engines and definitions the time frame of its action;
  • Collecting and clustering keywords for which ads will be displayed;
  • One-click rational cost setting;
  • Monitoring the actions of the target audience to determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and reporting to the web studio client.

Positive result from website promotion using contextual advertising is guaranteed if the work is done by professionals. In our case, we generally we approach the goal, place advertising and carry out work aimed at increasing the income of your company.

Website advertising on social networks

SMM Marketing & mdash; promotion of the company, brand, products or services on social platforms using open or hidden advertising. To the main SMM areas of work include:

  • Creation and development of groups in popular social networks;
  • Stimulating user interest in the community, attracting a new audience;
  • Conversations with community members, providing answers, tips and tricks regarding advertised product or company;
  • Paid advertising in Facebook and Vkontakte news feed;
  • Monitoring and analytics of competitor communities, situation analysis and provision recommendations for organizing strategies for further promotion.

As a result of SMM promotion, the number of subscriptions increases, which has a positive effect on sales. With this type of promotion, it is possible to increase the popularity of the product / service / company, increase the loyalty of the target audience, form brand or company image and promptly respond to the actions of subscribers.

Site advertising on Youtube channel

Promotion on Youtube by creating your own channel allows you to save on hosting, traffic and constantly keep in touch with the audience. Web studio "Yakloft Design" offers 5 types of website promotion on a popular channel:

  1. Placement on the site of a video previously uploaded to Youtube;
  2. Email sending potential buyers a link to your channel;
  3. Spread video link on social media;
  4. Creating press releases and sorting videos on thematic forums;
  5. Contextual advertising on the Youtube channel.

Thanks to the rapid growth of channel subscribers, it will be possible to profitably advertise a product, service or company, increasing turnover at times.

A client of our web studio can order a comprehensive promotion, which will be most effective for the business, or a separate type. Selecting a particular species website promotion depends on the client's financial capabilities and business specifics.

5 reasons to order promotion and website promotion in "Yakloft Design"

1. Comprehensive website promotion and a guarantee of positive results work

The effectiveness of the work depends on the quality of the content, technical serviceability of the site, literacy of the selected semantics and links. We are responsible we approach each task, find fresh solutions that increase the efficiency of the site and your profit.

2. Only safe promotion methods

If the promotion and promotion of the site is proceeding correctly, competently, with an emphasis on each action, then the site is not afraid of the filter and black list of search engines. We control the updating of search engine requirements and carry out work taking into account modern adjustments and additions.

3. Quick return of the visitor to the site

Applying the remarketing tool to visitors who have left from the site without leaving a request or contact phone number. We know the intricacies of work and psychological thinking of a person, therefore, we apply possible ways to return person back to the resource for further conversion into a client.

4. Competent website support

Creation of banners for advertising platforms and filling pages competent and interesting content that will make the visitor stay on website and make the targeted action.

5. Increase targeted traffic and optimize conversion rate

Monthly expansion of the semantic core of the site, based on analysis of the behavior of the target audience; increasing the number of phrases in the TOP and, as a result, increase in traffic by potential clients. Monitoring results with Google Analytics and Bing Metrics and adjustments to help increase website conversion.

Price for website promotion in New York and USA

In the web studio "Yakloft Design" the cost of SEO-website promotion starts from 400 $ , promotion using contextual advertising from 100 $, with using SMM - from $ 200. Prices for website promotion in New York and USA depend on the specifics work and the choice of optimal promotion methods. The final price is announced by the staff web studios after analyzing the company's business and depends on the level of competition and the specific region, the readiness of the website for promotion, the quality of optimization and the actual position of the site.

Search engine optimization

from 400 $

PPC Contextual Advertising

from 100 $

Targeted advertising in social media networks

from 200 $

Order a service to promote your business in our company and get the benefits of cooperation: we guarantee that the site will enter the TOP-10 in the search results Google and Bing systems. Success is guaranteed through the constant search for new technologies and fresh solutions, professional level and competent application of modern methods of search engine optimization and many years of experience in the field of website promotion.